Company RDS GROUP can become your reliable supplier of products on a permanent basis. Our offices and warehouses are located in 10 countries, the team consists of professionals with many years of experience and deep knowledge of the specifics of doing business.

We specialize in complex solutions in the field of supply of material and technical resources around the world more 10 years.

If you need to buy products with delivery to any country in the world, we can provide a full range of services for the supply of material on the terms INCOTERMS: CFR, CIF, FOB, CPT, FСA and others. We work with any commodity nomenclature, find already known products, equipment, components, raw materials and materials, or organize production according to an individual customer project.

Our favorable logistics and customs clearance offers are among the best on the market. All the advantages in the complex make it possible to achieve significant cost optimization. Our customers receive high-quality goods on time.

RDS GROUP delivers the required products strictly in accordance with the Customer's requirements.
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Full range of services

Export and import of material and technical resources
Provision of services for the acquisition and delivery of material and technical resources for turnkey foreign projects. Product quality control with the provision of all necessary documents (certificates of conformity, quality certificates, quality certificates, safety data sheets for the transportation of dangerous goods, etc.) required for the shipment of cargo.
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International cargo transportation
Implementation of logistics projects of any complexity using all necessary modes of transport and additional services required for export (import) cargo transportation.
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Customs and warehouse services
Warehouse and customs services with clearance, worldwide.
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Quality control
Our extensive portfolio of inspection services, including checking the condition and weight of products at the stage of transshipment, is designed to help you monitor the quantity and quality of goods, as well as comply with all applicable legal requirements in a particular region, in a particular market.
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Equipment of objects with materials and technological equipment
A full cycle of supply of material and technical resources (purchase of required materials, warehouse storage (if necessary), loading of products and sending to the customer's address by the necessary mode of transport.
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RDS GROUP informs you at every stage of the cargo route. We always try to work ahead of the curve, anticipating and eliminating possible risks and shortcomings on the part of service providers.

Specialists with many years of experience will help you to build a scheme of work as efficiently as possible. You are guaranteed to receive the most balanced solutions based on the optimal price/quality ratio, the most favorable delivery conditions and absolute control of each stage of the transaction.

Our services will help you:

  • Get savings
    · Save on frequent flights or maintaining an office in the exporting country
    · Receive more favorable offers on the price and terms of cooperation
    · To avoid problems with the quality of the goods
  • Work effectively with suppliers
    · Avoid problems in dealing with foreign suppliers
    · Put pressure on the supplier to meet deadlines and quality requirements
    · Solve complex problems and controversial issues
    · Choose only reliable suppliers
  • Monitor deliveries
    · Remotely monitor each stage of the delivery process
    · Receive timely and accurate information about the status of the order or possible changes in the work
    · Timely communicate and coordinate information with the supplier
    · Provide a full range of measures for the successful delivery of goods
    · Promptly receive payments for delivery and customs clearance
  • Be aware of the market situation and technology development
    · Monitor alternative suppliers
Our specialists as quickly as possible they will respond to your request and provide a commercial offer. And for a full understanding of the feasibility of the purchase, we will prepare a full-fledged offer, taking into account all costs completely free.

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