Quality control

Inspection — this is the only way to make sure that you receive the goods in full compliance with the ordered specification and in proper form.

It is impossible to neglect the inspection in any case. No matter how reliable, well-known or large the supplier is, it is necessary to check the goods for compliance with all parameters and requirements before shipment.

The issue of product quality is of paramount importance in the entire process of product delivery. The RDS GROUP company provides qualified services for checking the quality of goods at different stages of the order

Types of quality control

  • Product loading control
    The method of checking the readiness of the batch for shipment and the guarantee that the goods will be shipped from the factory in strict accordance with the specification and quantity of the order. The presence of a representative at the loading is also necessary to control the correct distribution of cargo in the container and compliance with loading rules that will avoid problems in the delivery process (loading /unloading, transportation and movement, inspection, etc.).
  • Checking the finished batch
    The main type of quality control of the goods ready for shipment. The company's specialist selectively or in full checks the goods for compliance with the requirements of the terms of reference (TOR).
    A detailed check concerns:
    • appearance
    • completeness
    • properties
    • functionality of the product itself, the correctness of packaging and labeling
    If any deficiencies are identified, this is immediately reported to the customer.
  • Supplier audit
    This is one of the most important stages of building a business abroad. Numerous search resources cannot guarantee the reliability of the supplier. Often, under the guise of manufacturers, resellers are registered, and sometimes even just scammers. Well-designed websites, numerous certificates, good English, photos from production and many other arguments do not always correspond to the real state of affairs.

    RDS GROUP strongly recommends conducting a thorough check of potential partners. We will audit the manufacturer in any region, you will receive all the necessary information to make a decision on cooperation with a new supplier.
Knowledge of upload
and placement rules
objectivity of verification
Strict execution of the technical task
Many years of experience
working abroad
Checking downloads anywhere in the world
Comprehensive supplier verification
Detailed inspection report
Free supplier search
Checking according to the AQL standard
Product loading control
  • Matching the container number
  • The readiness of the goods for shipment
  • The product range and its compliance with the specification
  • Quantity of goods
  • Correct configuration
  • Correct packaging
  • Availability and correctness of marking
  • Correct loading
  • Laying and fastening of the goods
  • Installation and seal number
  • Correctness of registration of shipping documents (packing list, bill of lading, etc.)

In case of problems related to the goods or the loading process, we will immediately inform you and decide on further actions before the cargo leaves the factory!
Only our company provides you with a unique opportunity to control and manage the inspection of goods online from anywhere in the world.

It is enough to have a smartphone with Internet access and one of the free applications for exchanging text/voice messages, sending and viewing photos/videos, as well as audio and video calls.

Without waiting for the report, in real time you will be provided with comprehensive information about the condition of the goods and their readiness for shipment.
An important stage of product quality control, components and assembly are checked at an early stage of production. This makes it possible to stop production in time if any shortcomings are identified and, as a result, to avoid larger-scale problems before shipment of the finished batch.

  • Checking at the production stage allows you to:
  • find out the quality of raw materials and components,
  • what equipment the manufacturer uses,
  • the level of organization of the production process,
  • compliance with production technology and technological process.
The verification is carried out using the international AQL quality control standard.

AQL verification standard.
AQL - testing involves the selection of a certain number of samples from the batch and their verification for compliance with the requirements of certificates and standards, as well as special conditions of the customer. Such an inspection of the goods allows you to evaluate in detail all the significant parameters of the products, as well as to identify defects, the use of substandard materials or a violation of production technology. Based on the results of testing, you will receive a detailed report.

Comprehensive inspection of the manufacturer

  • 1
    Document verification
    - Verification of registration documents, certificates
    - Checking the manufacturer's contact details
    - Analysis of foreign economic contracts
  • 2
    Visit to the production
    - Checking the level of technical equipment
    - Checking the level of staff work (number of employees, qualification level)
    - Inspection of the main facilities of the factory, including production lines, equipment, office, quality control system, warehouse, etc.
    - Verification of the production process and production capabilities
    - Inspection of the quality of the materials used
    - Checking the process of packing goods and storing finished products
    - Verification of other issues at the prior instruction of the customer
  • 3
    - Provision of a detailed report on the results of the audit (including photos and videos of the audit process)

Stages of control

- Formation of technical specifications
- Analysis of technical specifications by a specialist
- Departure of a specialist for control
- Providing detailed photo report
The content of technical specifications
  1. Manufacturer's name, contact person, phone number or e-mail.
  2. Date of shipment.
  3. Product Name, quantity, specification, photo.
  4. Requirements and suggestions for verification.
The cost of the service depends on the volume and complexity of the work. Our specialists will respond to your request as quickly as possible and provide data on the cost of inspection absolutely free of charge.

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