Air delivery

We transport cargo by air transport all over the world. We work directly with leading airlines, so we will quickly select a flight for your cargo.

It should be borne in mind that the cost of air delivery is higher compared to the use of sea, rail or motor transport.
There is simply no more effective way to organize turnkey deliveries in record time.
Storage conditions
If necessary, a special temperature regime can be provided in the cargo compartment, which is necessary for groups of goods with special properties.
Control and monitoring systems in customs terminals and airport warehouse complexes allow minimizing the risks of loss or damage to cargo.
Air express delivery of products – the order arrives anywhere in the country in just a few days, right to the door of your warehouse.

What cargo do we accept for air transportation

We accept different types of shipments: spare parts, industrial equipment, electrical appliances and others.
The total weight and volume of cargo in one consignment note are not limited.
Oversized cargo spaces
If the weight of one load is ≥ 80 kg or the parameters (L × W × C) ≥ 1.3 × 1 × 0.8 m, check the possibility of transportation by air with our specialists.
- Entrust the packaging to us
- Shipments in packaging that restricts access to the contents and is safe for other shipments are accepted for delivery by plane.

We offer:

  • 1
    Free payment
    To find out the exact cost of air cargo delivery, send a request for calculation.
  • 2
    Shipment control
    Our specialists check the completeness, quality, presence /absence of defects, compliance of goods with the specified parameters. Photo and video recording of inspections is possible.
  • 3
    Delivery to the warehouse
    Already tested batches are sent by road to the airline's warehouse for processing and loading on board.
  • 4
    Customs clearance
    The cost of express delivery from China by plane already includes the preparation of permits and other documents, cargo insurance. If disputes suddenly arise, we will promptly resolve them
  • 5
    The cargo is accepted and processed at the airport, after which we send it by road to the destination. As a result, the goods arrive on time right at the door of your warehouse.
Additional documents are required for air transportation:
• cargo containing liquid
• medicines, cosmetics, household chemicals
• paints and varnishes and bulk materials
• construction goods

Airlines request documents that confirm the properties and purpose of the cargo. For example, a certificate or a safety data sheet. If there are no documents, check with our specialists the possibility of air transportation of such goods.
Our specialists are always ready to make a free preliminary calculation of the delivery and customs clearance of the cargo as soon as possible – for this you need to provide us with an invoice and a packing list for the batch.

Logistics services

Container transportation (railway, sea, auto and multimodal) is the most suitable way to transport large, heavy and bulky cargo over long distances.
This method is used for transporting small and medium-sized cargoes, in such cases it is not necessary to order a whole container.

Completed supplies


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