Combined cargo

Cargoes from different senders are first consolidated in the warehouse, and the shipment is carried out only after the formation of the required batch volume. The choice of the method and route of cargo movement largely depends on the destination and customs clearance.

Among the advantages of combined cargo transportation are the following:
· the customer pays only for the weight/volume of his cargo – there is no need to order a whole container or a car;
· possibility to send a trial batch;
· well suited for expensive, but small-volume batches;
· shipments are carried out on a daily basis;
· efficiency, mobility, efficiency;
· maximum cost optimization is required;
· the volume of cargo is several times less than the full container load;
·direct air delivery turns out to be too expensive for a specific batch of goods.

However, when planning the shipment of cargo in this way, it is also worth considering some nuances:
· the need for an additionalpackaging / crate (in some cases in the cargo attachment) to avoid damage;
· repeated overloads on the way, which entails additional costs for movers or rental of special equipment;
· inadmissibility of transportation of dangerous (chemically dangerous) goods for safety purposes;
· the probability of loss and even theft;
· it is unprofitable to send light and bulky cargo.

In all cases, additional costs may arise, such as:
· insurance 1-2% of the cost of the goods;
· additional packaging (bag, tape, wooden or metal crate);
· terminal fees.

Shipments weighing from 100 kg are accepted for shipment
and a volume of 0.1 m3.
If your supplier cannot deliver the goods to our warehouse or you do not know how to organize the process, we will always help you to pick up the goods from the supplier.

We can also help with the shipment of samples or regular supplies of consumables and failed components. We will deliver your cargo anywhere in the world.

Our specialists will promptly and in as much detail as possible answer all your questions about this service.

Delivery stages


Types of transport used

We offer turnkey transportation of combined cargoes: from the supplier's door to the door of your warehouse in Russia, while using the following modes of transport:

  • Air transport
    If the cost of delivery of combined cargo is inferior in importance to the timing, then air transport is the ideal solution. We recommend this method for sending expensive goods, samples. The terms of this type of delivery, taking into account customs clearance, are several days.
  • Auto transport
    The organization of transportation of combined cargoes by motor transport attracts primarily with its flexibility. This method of delivery requires particularly reliable packaging and is not the best suited for bulky cargo, but it allows for high mobility of transportation and direct door-to-door deliveries. We organize the transportation of goods cheaply and promptly
  • Railway transport
    Thanks to the active development of the direction and the emergence of new routes, it is possible to obtain an attractive ratio of price and delivery time.
  • Multimodal transportation
    Shipping by sea is combined with road or railway transport. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to minimize the costs of transportation of combined cargoes. Cost reduction is an important advantage of the multimodal method.
When transporting bulk cargoes, it is necessary to calculate not only the actual weight,
but also the bulk weight of the batch (i.e. the density of the cargo),
because it is from this calculated value that the cost of delivery depends.

We offer:

  • 1
    Free calculation
    Just send us a request for calculation to find out the exact cost of delivery from the combined cargo
  • 2
    Shipment control
    Our specialists check the batch of goods or equipment before shipment: assess completeness, quality, compliance with the specified parameters, etc.
  • 3
    Delivery to the consolidation warehouse
    Already tested batches of goods are transported to one of our company's warehouses for loading into containers
  • 4
    Handling and storage of cargo before shipment
    During the consolidation of batches, the goods are stored in proper conditions: in protected and heated premises
  • 5
    Loading the goods into the container
    You can order transportation in sea, air or railway containers.
  • 6
    Customs clearance
    We prepare all necessary permits and carry out customs clearance (within the framework of "turnkey delivery")
  • 7
    The goods arrive at our warehouses in Russia, after which they are processed and sent "to the door" – to the address specified by the client.
Our specialists are always ready to make a free preliminary calculation of the delivery and customs clearance of the cargo as soon as possible – for this you need to provide us with an invoice and a packing list for the batch.

Logistics services

Container transportation (railway, sea, auto and multimodal) is the most suitable way to transport large, heavy and bulky cargo over long distances.
This type of transportation allows you to seriously win in speed – taking into account customs clearance, the terms of air delivery are only a few days.

Completed supplies


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