RDS GROUP is a supplier of metal products for export.

We supply steel to customers in the energy and oil and gas industries. Our company offers a wide range of reinforcing, varietal, shaped, sheet and tube steel both from stock and directly from manufacturing plants.

RDS GROUP has been on the steel market since 2009 and has established itself as a reliable partner-supplier of steel. The price list of our company includes almost the entire range of steel produced in Russia. Available: beam, angle, channel, sheet, reinforcement, pipe, about 1500 different sizes.

The quality of steel is confirmed by quality certificates from manufacturers.

We also collect an order from any required quantity of steel products in the warehouse, which will be sent together with the consolidated order to the customer on the terms INCOTERMS CFR, CPT, FOB and others.






We provide services for cutting steel into the required dimensions:

  • Oxygen gas cutting
    Gas-oxygen cutting with CNC is a method of cutting metals, which is based on gorenje metal when oxygen jet is supplied.
  • Cutting on a disk machine
    The mechanical process of metal processing on a small and convenient cutting machine, where the transverse cutting of rolled metal takes place with the help of rotational movements of abrasive reinforced discs.
  • Plasma cutting
    Cutting sheet metal with a plasma jet is one of the types of cutting offered by RDS GROUP
  • Cutting on a band saw machine
    Band saw cutting is a mechanical method of metal processing using a band saw blade stretched over two pulleys in the machine body.
  • Drilling holes
    Drilling holes in metal is one of the types of metal processing, which is carried out using a stationary or mobile drilling machine using special drills, different depending on the properties of the metal being processed and the required hole diameter.
  • Gas cutting by automatic GUGARK machine
    This is one of the types of oxygen separation metal cutting, which allows you to perform straight and curved cutting.
  • Guillotine chopping
    Metal cutting with a guillotine (guillotine scissors) is a type of metal machining using a straight–line cutting method with one cut.
  • Gas cutting
    Gas cutting of metal is a fast and effective method of cutting rolled metal.

Our advantages

  • More than 10 years of experience in the steel trading market – quality is a guarantee for our customers.
  • We guarantee only high quality steel - we supply steel only from reliable and proven manufacturers with a steel quality assessment system.
  • Professional service - logistics, sales, providing everything that customers need.

Completed supplies


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