Export and import of material and technical resources

RDS GROUP is the strongest resource and the best team to find quality products and reliable manufacturers. We provide a full range «of door to door» cargo delivery services in export and import mode.

Quality control of products in production and provision of all necessary documents (certificates of conformity, quality certificates, quality certificates, safety data sheets for the transportation of dangerous goods, etc.) required for shipment.

For 10 years of productive work, our specialists have developed their own system for searching and selecting products from the best manufacturers. Our system allows you to accurately and in the shortest possible time to find the «right» product, determine the best manufacturer, and also prepare for placing an order.

We organize deliveries of any commodity nomenclature, work with both finished products and equipment, components, raw materials and materials.

All materials are accompanied by valid certificates of conformity, quality certificates, quality certificates, fire safety certificates, letters from the manufacturer in case of termination of the technical specifications, changes in GOST or other standards. For dangerous goods - MSDS certificate.



Organization of «turnkey» wholesale deliveries
Unique search engine
and selection of goods
Database of reliable manufacturers
Supplier verification, strict selection criteria
Product quality
control at each stage
RDS GROUP offers a full range «of door-to-door» services worldwide.
Supply «of door to door» — this is the whole complex of operations on the way of cargo from the sender to the recipient, including such stages as: purchase of goods, quality control (inspection order), trade financing, customs clearance in the Exporting country, transportation (by any type of transport), customs clearance in the Importing country, certification, delivery to the Customer's address.
We supply products on the following terms INCOTERMS 2020
EXW - «Ex Works»

FCA - «Free Carrier»

FAS - «Free Alongside Ship»

FOB - «Free on Board»

CFR - «Cost and Freight»

CIF - «Cost Insurance and Freight»

СРТ - «Carriage Paid to»

CIP - «Carriage and Insurance Paid to»

DPU - «Delivered Named Place Unloaded»

DAP - «Delivered at Place»

DDP - «Delivered Duty Paid»

Due to the established successful history of interaction with many large manufacturers, we receive more favorable offers on the cost of goods, payment terms, production terms and other important delivery conditions. We build relationships directly with the management of enterprises, which allows us to quickly solve emerging problems and achieve the fulfillment of all customer requirements.

The cost of delivery services is determined depending on the complexity and volume of the work to be done. By contacting RDS GROUP to search for a product, you get the real value of the products.

RDS GROUP is your representative all over the world, our task is to find the best offer on the market for you and provide high—quality service.

Our advantages

Only reliable suppliers
Knowledge of the specifics of business and the mentality of local entrepreneurs and partnerships with many commercial and government structures allow us to find suppliers and manufacturers in the world in a short time.
Without intermediaries
RDS GROUP specialists are guaranteed to provide you with an order directly from the manufacturer of the product. Thus, you eliminate the margin of intermediaries and the risks associated with fraud.
Extensive experience working abroad
We are well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of international production, how to get the most favorable terms of cooperation, as well as how to properly build a dialogue with foreign partners.

Full range of services

  • Efficiency and precise compliance with the agreed deadlines
  • Delivery of goods in containers around the world
    Additionally, we are ready to offer, if necessary, used containers as non-returnable containers
  • Insurance of transported property against damage, theft, loss on the way
  • Project and multimodal transportation of goods in international traffic
  • Organization of transportation in mixed modes using all types of transport
  • Cargo transportation in refrigerated trucks
  • Highly qualified staff

Search order

Our specialists will respond to your request as quickly as possible and provide data on the purchase price of goods and equipment. And for a full understanding of the feasibility of the purchase, we will prepare a full-fledged offer, taking into account all costs, completely free of charge.

Completed supplies


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